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Dear Sirs,

I would like to send you the first catalogue of our carpets, which includes patterns and dimensions of our products. I hope that every Purchaser will find and choose a unique carpet just for them. As Carpet Factory in Kietrz is the only place of this kind, I would like to restore its old role.

The whole process of carpets manufacturing, due to its unique technology, takes place, as a complete cycle, in our factory. Preparation of wool yarn on a 130-year old spinning frame makes from this factory an artistic workshop- a unique one, reflecting pre-war atmosphere. Our staff is composed of persons specialized in a unique technology of ‘smyrneński knot’ (knot method). Knots are tied from a one-centimeter long yarns, then a carpet is weaved from these knots, which causes that it has very precisely performed patterns, perfectly sticks to a floor and is extremely durable (a seventy-year old carpets have still a very good quality). ‘Pre-war collection’ requires every new carpet design to be worked out separately, this is laborious, and last for almost two months.

Presently, we can offer you carpets of a catalogue numbers: 324, 516, 717 and 722. Moreover, there is a gorgeous ‘Sahara’ carpet (from the thirties –North Africa), which requires four times more work effort of a designer, and its production will launch at the beginning of February 2004 in four colour versions (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Patterns of carpets from a postwar period are manufactured in a complete collection.

Due to the fact that only eight looms are in working order, and one carpet is manufactured for two days, so number of carpets that can be produced is limited. Therefore the sale will be realized according to the sequence of orders.

In a postwar period, carpets were exported, and also purchased by Embassies, Consulates and by the Council of Ministers’ Office, etc. Decor plays an important role in creating the atmosphere of an interior, and because of it B.K.-Carpet Factory in Kietrz offers its Customers beautiful carpets which are a very important element of the interior’s decor.

Dear Customers, we offer you a unique opportunity to become owners of exeptional, and I even will not hesitate to use a word, ‘piece of art’ in the world of carpets.

/-/ Barbara Komorowska